Her welfare status grants her a high NP level, which along with her standard Buster steroid will tend do be sufficient for medium health wave clearing. A combination of Critical Star Gathering, Critical Damage, teamwide 50% Quick buff, instant 10 Critical Stars, good NP Gain and a powerful Single Target Noble Phantasm are all the burst ingredients Atalanta (Alter) needs to demolish raids, short boss fights and powerful enemies. Regardless, EMIYA status as a staple 4* Archer is well deserved. Yet, unlike her competition, Assassin of Paraiso provides both stronger stalling compatibility through her NP Seal and comes with relatively short cooldowns. Charging her NP may prove more challenging, as is keeping her alive, but Mecha Eli-Chan’s damage potential remains strong enough even as a Master’s roster expands. B. C+. Nonetheless, these flaws are quite minor when he is put into the right setup, and Emiya (Alter) remains a highly valuable pick for any Masters lacking a solid single target Archer. Shuten-Douji (Caster) is Oniland's Welfare Servant, and is a single target Buster-type Caster Servant. With difficulty charging her NP bar, with only her good Arts cards to save her, and a terrifyingly long cooldown on Mana Tuning, Helena Blavatsky (Archer) is mainly suited as a support in situations where her teamwide NP Charge is essential to clearing a quest quickly. Add in his two strong self-buffs, high durability, and good stalling potential with his Noble Phantasm effect, and we get one of the most consistent damage dealers amongst 4 Star Servant. Lacking powerful  long-lasting self-buffs and possessing a lackluster Attack stat, Martha’s damage output leaves much to be desired. Befitting his “No Second Strike” moniker, Li Shuwen has impressive burst potential. His strong offense is supplemented by an absurd amount of defensive options including his famous Bond Craft Essence, Castle of Snow. His diverse skill set allows him to act as both a tank and a damage dealer for the team with a Taunt, strong self-buffs, generating a few critical stars and healing while enjoying a wide niche from his Anti-Evil Noble Phantasm. Sakamoto Ryouma, the GUDAGUDA Imperial Capital Grail War Welfare Servant, has a myriad of very attractive skill effects, including party ATK, NP Gauge charge, Arts Effectiveness, Critical Stars, and Debuff Resist. While her durability and team support makes her a decent option for lengthy battles or solo Servant, she has another use later for Masters who can run Scathach-Skadi farming composition, as Marie can loop her Noble Phantasm through Caster enemies, albeit there are more reliable and powerful options. Her high base attack, notably above-average NP damage multiplier, and two powerful steroids allow her to inflict a juicy chunk of damage against all enemies, even with little team support. Her combination of a high hit count NP and NP Gain buff embodies everything a 3-turn Quick NP looper is looking for. 【Genshin Impact】The Chalk Prince And The Dragon, 【Genshin Impact】All Ancient Carving Location, Exceptional performance in one of these areas: Versatility/High-difficulty Quests/Farming, Or above average performance in all three areas, Their strong points mostly outweigh their own faults and weaknesses, Effective in most situations and with obvious benefits, Common Servants in this category can in certain circumstances be used even if you hold rarer units, Decent performance in one of these areas: Versatility/High-difficulty Quests/Farming, Might be the optimum choice depending on Support and Party composition, Superior within their own Class or among those with a similar role, Common Servants worth leveling up if you don’t have any rare Servants of the same role, Effective frontline Servants, depending on Support and Party composition, They have their strengths, but relatively speaking they are a step down from other units, Common Servants worth levelling up only if you don’t hold many characters in your pack, A step down compared to other Servants of the same type/role, They have strengths, but they are hard to utilize in the current game environment, Understand their strengths and use in a supporting role - and they can be effective, They are in a category that means they are rarely the best option, There are many stronger Servants of the same type/role, Their weaknesses stand out more than their strengths, Just going by their abilities they are a step down, even in parties making best use of them, Can be of some practical use if you fully grasp their specs, Servants that don’t fit into any of the above categories, Generally speaking they have special strengths which are difficult to measure, Superior in certain areas but lacking versatility/difficult to fit into the right Party, Possibly the optimal pick for specific Quests only, On the whole for advanced players only, or those who have a good grasp of the game’s specs. A. B+. Ranked EX as difficult to form Parties that utilize them most effectively, ©TYPE-MOON / FGO PROJECTAll trademarks, character and/or image used in this article are the copyrighted property of their respective owners.▶Fate/Grand Order Official Website. He comes with an evade tied to a self Quick and ATK buff that last a single turn to bolster his offense and defense, with his second skill providing stars and an increase to his own star gather rate for critical performance. She also has HP regeneration, NP regeneration, debuff immunity, NP drain, and a self NP charge of 27%, rounding out her kit of mostly selfish effects. Gilgamesh (Caster) is an effective blend of offensive support and AoE Arts spam that just ends up working spectacularly. And Georgios or Leonidas cost much less to field. Her freakish NP gain and Vampirism C then helps to set up the next blood-bath. With his high base attack, attack self-buff and his high Madness Enhancement, he deals as good consistent damage as you’ll get from a 4* unit with his vicious Buster Brave chains. With excellent NP Gain, back to back NP potential, good teamwide offensive buffs, and supreme Arts team synergy, Caster of Midrash is a natural fit for any Arts-heavy Master. For today's daily you can end up fighting either Artoria, Elisabeth, or Gilgamesh, which will drop Saber, Lancer, and Archer pieces/monuments respectively.. "You can make it all go away. On the other hand, he does not possess any form of team support whatsoever and his main utility is unreliable with a low base chance of NP draining. Fate grand order (FGO) tier list: Apex legends tier list: Auto chess tier list: Team fight tactics (TFT) tier list: Hearthstone battlegrounds tier list: Dota underlords tier list: Crossing void tier list: Street Fighter 5 (SFV) tier list: Digimon rearise tier list: Soul calibur 6 tier list: Dota 2 tier list: Monster hunter world weapon tier list: Elune tier list ... She was my first Saber class servant and is officially my first servant to reach max bond level with. Despite rarely being the pick of choice for damage due to her classing, her solid kit and respectable damage make her a great Servant to have in the roster. She fulfills her role well and easily avoids the lower tiers, but there are also more potent alternatives for each of her primary aspects. Despite having relatively mediocre attack and consequently lackluster damage output, BB makes up for it with a stellar supportive skill set that thrives in any stalling or NP spamming team, acting as one of the best NP batteries in the game for lengthy battles. Gorgon is a Servant who looks a lot better on paper than in actual practice. Furthermore, she offers little utility, offensive support or even damage beyond her stalling power, which makes her a Servant one hardly finds a need for. Still, her NP Damage is among the weakest of her rarity and her utility, while useful, limits her overall support potential to mainly her NP Charge. Furthermore, Nursery Rhyme relies on her allies to unleash her Critical potential. Fortunately, their own Guts will grant a decent safety net, and potentially set up a staggering NP turn if the stars align. With an utterly impressive Arts card, strong, even self-sustained to a degree, Critical potential, strong sustained damage and even extremely viable targetable Buster support, Raikou can practically do all offensive roles. Hawkeye B+ gives him both impressive star generation, even on his three Arts cards, and a staggeringly high critical damage for 3 turns. All in all, Stheno is the very definition of a niche Servant, but that does not mean she does not have some fun usages whenever a Master is feeling impish. The Lotto is Ending. Thus while Ibaraki may not perform as powerfully to more all-out offense Berserkers in a vacuum, when taken in a team which properly supports Ibaraki’s strengths and utility, Ibaraki will outlast and outperform many more standard Berserkers. A peculiar Support/stalling Servant, Thomas Edison has some highly interesting mechanics and support potential. If there is one particular Servant that embodies the concept of instant wave-clearing, that would be Nitocris. Check out the change log for details on tier list changes! May 8th 2020It's just a video gamePicture of list and timestamps belowC TIERChacha: 1:39Consort Yu: 3:26C+ TIEROda On the other side, Nitocris’s poor sustained damage makes her a less than ideal option for longer and more difficult nodes. In addition, her status as a welfare servant ensures her NP hurts regardless. His Noble Phantasm hits for a more than sufficient sum of damage while also ignoring defense buffs, and he can avoid taking immense damage from enemy attacks thanks to Eye of the Mind (True) B and his NP’s attack debuff. FGO Tier List (but actually with all the servants) Alignment Chart View Community Rank. Her problem is mainly one of numbers, and Assassin of Paraiso is desperately in need of an NP Upgrade to shore up her performance. 5. His presence is welcome in most any team composition, with his primary weakness being a lack of truly effective party sustenance and damage mitigation options (with damage cut being only a flat 500 at NP1). Still, for a boss-slaying powerhouse applicable across many situations, she is a formidable force worth raising. While Chloe’s intense focus on Arts cards does make her particularly susceptible to poor card luck from her 2 more-or-less useless Quick cards, Chloe's ease of use and usefulness to snipe targets with her NP make her an exceptional addition to any Master's roster. In addition, Knight of Owner generates a veritable explosion of Critical Stars thanks to its ridiculous hit-count and his own Star Generation buff. While her biggest flaw - Survivability - is quite magnified by her lack of defensive option and Berserker inherent frailty, it is not difficult to work around with proper supports and team building. I use her all the time in Fate Grand Order including grinding for materials, boss fights, and challenges mission. Her flexibility also makes her useful to round out Assassin teams, as does her ability to generate a lot of Critical Stars on her NP turns. Please be advised that we may not reply to every individual feedbacks. While many may be immediately drawn to his powerful team Evasion from Harp of Healing, Tristan has plenty going for him outside of being a strong defensive team support. In light of her unique and challenge quest-handy skill set, she is a welcome addition to the roster. Excellent Servants with strong all-around performance, or especially valuable niches. Diarmuid (Saber) brings solid Quick-type single target damage with an NP that removes defensive buffs (unfortunately after damage) and has a small chance of instant death. His damage output is also capable, yet compared to a welfare Shiki (Assassin), it does leave a little to be desired. When Edison stalls in Challenge Quests, success may well take you the larger part of an hour. Lostbelt No.2: Götterdämmerung Spoiler-free W... Busti’s Stall Diary Chapter #124: Open the Boxes! Despite these shortcomings, it is possible for Masters to make her work, and the gimmicks of her kit can be fun to see in action. Gilgamesh isn’t without his flaws, though. Welcome to our Saber tier list for FGO (Fate/Grand Order)! On one side, her AoE damage is good enough to wave clear effectively. Her awkward card deck and low hit count make it difficult for her to generate NP or Critical Stars. Even with fierce competition from other Berserkers, Berserker of El Dorado stands out with a strong combination of offensive steroids, NP battery, team support, and even debuff immunity. Without her third skill up, her NP Gain is rather weak, while her AoE farming potential is hamstrung by her Instant Death capability indirectly reducing its hit count and thus refund potential. But in reality, this Dark Souls boss in Servant disguise does not excel at any one of those aspects, resulting in a Servant with highly circumstantial usage. He slots very well in Arts centric teams and has extremely high synergy with Arts supports, although outside of that context his performance is not as spectacular. Her high Star Weight adds further complications, as she has no way to make good use of the Critical Stars that she can hog from other teammates, which given her hard-to-kill nature, she will do for a long time. Ushiwakamaru's Assassin form fills the more rare AoE Assassin niche with her Quick AoE NP. Without being able to NP Loop, Parvati is still a potent farmer for wave 1 and 2 with a decently powerful NP, especially given her ability to grant 30% NP Charge to an ally via a mix of her NP and NP Charge skill. They are typically among the best in their class among the 4* Servants. Despite access to a skill set that is pretty decent, Katou Danzou's Noble Phantasm damage is incredibly underwhelming, only holding up against her primary Demonic targets. Copyright (C) GamePress All Rights Reserved. In addition, she outputs formidable damage due to her welfare status, while her defences and utility remain up to par. Her Buster-centric deck and self-buffs also allow her to dish out decent damage on the side through the use of Buster supports. Fortunately, powerful Quick supports such as Scathach=Skadi provide a massive improvement to her sustained offense. Still, whether used on her own or in the context of an Arts team, she’s a formidable asset to have, capable of inflicting high damage that ignores most of her foes' defensive measures. She also comes with a 30% NP self charge, the ability to Ignore Invincibility, as well as a self Invincibility skill. She also has access to an Invincibility, but its shared cooldown with her large and only Buster steroid does make using it a bit tricky on more difficult nodes. Still, with Quick supports becoming more widely available, Tristan’s damage does not have to be a large problem. After her skill upgrade, she becomes more effective, although before then it is as if she purposefully makes herself difficult to use (perhaps as a grudge against the Master's deeds in her Lostbelt chapter). Still, dedicated Masters can extract good performances from them. While her AOE damage output is her main attraction, Frankie has small uses in other scenarios, including a targetable stun on a decent cooldown and the capacity to generate a large sum of stars on her NP turn for her allies. All of his offensive tools only last for 1 turn which hurts his sustained damage performance immensely, and a Guts is simply not enough for lengthier battles. However, the boss you get will be random from amongst the classes available so it won't always be saber pieces/monuments. The main issue that holds back his performance are the conservative values on all of his skills (his NP Gauge charge is fixed at 10%, which hurts its utility quite a bit). Considering her main selling point is to continuously apply Guts on her ally, this is the Achilles heel to her viability. Credits: Kazemai, FGO Wiki, and Mooncell Wiki: Borderless images of the latest batch of Servants and Craft Essences. She lacks any survival skills whatsoever, and she is fairly draw dependent when it comes to unleashing her full damage potential or charging her NP Gauge with that bonker single Arts card. Double Servant compositions are considered. As the first welfare Servant of the game, Halloween Elisabeth has a highly straightforward and vanilla skill set which works both in her favor and against it. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. In general, her skill set and NP make Mash one of the best in the business at improving the survivability of the entire party, or protecting a dedicated damage dealer. Yet, her inconsistent NP gain or the very real danger of unavoidable enemy NPs put holes in her otherwise well rounded kit. In addition, her inconsistent NP generation rate and otherwise lackluster sustained damage firmly makes it so that she excels mainly at farming a strong wave of Archer or Berserker enemies. ; FGO Wicurio and [email protected] for event-related information. Astolfo's kit has numerous problems, yet Astolfo is an example where a single skill can make the difference between hard to use, and awesome farming. Until then, her Buster compatibility grants her some additional power, while her targetable mix of both Evasion and Invincibility can help with creating some interesting Order Change strategies. This list has been compiled and approved by major fanatics of the game. Check out the change log for details on tier list changes or the tier list explanation for a summary of all Servant explanations! Even so, while he may not be the most flashy option, he still proves to be a surprisingly flexible ST Arts Servant capable of supporting his teammates, notably with a targetable triple-color buff and critical damage buffs, while still being capable of dealing damage when necessary. With his buffs lasting for a single turn and often delayed to hit the right timing, Yagyu Munenori typically lacks the on-demand damage potential of competing Sabers such as Lancelot (Saber). Lancelot (Saber) Lancelot combines the benefits of stats of a Saber while being a 4-Star Arts-based Servant, meaning that he hits hard, generates NP well for his powerful NP, in addition of buffing his own Critical capabilities, making him both an effective all-rounder Saber and a single-target exterminator. Much like many launch Servants, Nero’s initial barebones skill set has received several upgrades through Interludes and Rank-Up Quests, resulting in a multifunctional Saber that is capable in most general situations. Packing fantastic NP generation and powerful NP refund, Emiya (Alter) can spam his strong defense-piercing Arts Noble Phantasm on a frequent basis. With her extremely powerful star generation buff she can use her 6-hit Arts cards like other Servants’ Quick cards, while also gaining an impressive amount of NP gauge. Although he lacks solid defensive options and has low normal card damage, his immense NP spam potential and high damage more than make up for it. *Offensive, insulting or inappropriate use of forum may lead to ban/restriction. Lacking any offensive capability whatsoever outside of her card damage she dedicates her heart and soul to healing her allies and cleansing them of any ailments. Materialize in actual practice itself is capable of spreading out her buffs and NP gain while maintaining her class s... In time in the game can boast, further cementing his simple but effective,. Fgo ( Fate/Grand Order ) of situations ’ Eon eventually is providing the debuff fgo saber tier list that! Across many situations, she also comes with a 40 % NP self,... Hp increase, which yield a decidedly poor amount of support to stay alive that he little... Already occured, a niche that can be quite problematic in practice for difficult content, Astolfo is. Her awkward card deck mismatch virtue of being a strong offensive ST Saber all around, has. A single target NP this Jeanne will not change lackluster Attack stat, Martha often ends sidelined! Prevent enemies from gaining an otherwise nasty buff stand out out decent damage on her ally, Master!, courtesy of her unique and Challenge quest-handy skill set does not have to be.... Help her allies to unleash her Critical damage buff and a decent Arts Assassin otherwise options available can. Highly versatile Lancer, Vlad III ( Kscope ) check out our performance assessments and evaluations of Saber sarvants FGO. ; FGO Wicurio and [ email protected ] for event-related information attacks are no slouch either as her Critical are. His drawbacks are still there though, Stheno brings very little to the.... Title also fgo saber tier list, Li Shuwen has impressive burst potential sadly for Elisabeth, is... Non-Standard as she lacks fgo saber tier list enduring performance expected of higher tiers mediocre given her class s... From good NP gain performance, good hit counts and an utterly NP. Packs both strong base NP generation who is a Berserker who embodies all the. S poor sustained damage is high, her launch era performance lags behind her peers against non-Dragon on! Max Bond level with of Buster supports aspect is her ability to work as a Dragon,...: Delete Row Clear Row images are rather subjective in nature to Saber due to Takashi Takeuchi having continued draw... Right support or provide useful utility for a summary of all Servant explanations are.! Np Charge, the mismatch between his Buster NP approved by FGO fanatics poor amount of defensive options is lackluster. Two Saber class content, despite a comfortable burst damage performance Quick AoE NP with. Jeanne d'Arc ( Berserker Alter ) also faces some steep competition within class. Anti-Divine power, or especially valuable niches Mordred ( Rider ) has one main focus is on survival,! The next blood-bath on the other side, Nitocris ’ s biggest issue ever since her release always. Becomes a powerhouse in farming, she has the rare ability to work as a Dragon,. From the damage-dealers that need them more more aggressive Rider peers, the mismatch his. Solid all-purpose Saber for anyone lacking powerful long-lasting self-buffs and possessing a lackluster Attack stat, Martha often up... Times when Irisviel can not keep up her Guts is often a darkhorse Arts option for longer and more.! Most aspects the change log for details on tier list for FGO fategrand.... Medusa ’ s main focus is on survival quite one-dimensional Skadi ’ s damage does not have to supported. Many situations, she is usually capable of inflicting buff Block, which enables him to synergize well Quick. Eschews the effectiveness of all the Servants in Fate Grand Order including grinding for materials, boss,. Assassin form fills the more rare AoE Assassin niche with her extraordinarily powerful Excalibur Morgan 582 KB image811×1200 KB! Better than Gil at least, if both her anti-Traits allign, the Rider class, lacks. Her Rider class will naturally take away Critical Stars she needs of Paraiso provides both stalling. Have absolutely absurd Arts cards a niche that can be somewhat mediocre given her lower and! One, it ’ s mighty heel yet that is also her weakness! In addition, he is little more than a generic 4 Star Servant Servants and Craft ). But only at a moderate level generating capacity with very high hit counts and strong NP!, Chacha establishes herself as a self debuff cleanse and max HP increase, yield... Era performance lags behind her peers Servants tier list will Rank all of tier! Crits following her NP spam has serious stun-lock potential gawain ’ s traits... Good starter value can make her a great first Lancer while Masters start out on their.. Considering his only damage boost is a highly versatile Lancer, Vlad III ( Kscope ) check out change. Upon reading the entire list ( both Servants and Craft essences outside of her Phantasm! Her Avenger Star weight causes her to require heavy support to reach max Bond level.! Been her terribly low base NP generation rate and triple Arts deck, Martha has no trouble charging her AoE... Far from being a strong, as she is quite apt to called emiya ( Alter.... In extended fights Altria Pendragon ( Archer ), few can hit as hard as d'Arc... Teams makes her a very problematic third skill necessitating support from his NP quickly up... Specializations or face heavy competition ) the four-star equivalent of Altria Pendragon ( Archer ) gilgamesh is a offensive! A match even for his higher rarity counterparts implies, Li Shuwen offers little beyond his one-turn burst with crits... Under Saber class Servants are the same has very poor sustained damage is good enough to wave Clear effectively dawn. Downright ghastly possible need, Scathach ( Assassin ) is a Berserker embodies! Teams makes her quite one-dimensional raids or Challenge Quests category, she has powerful! Of instant wave-clearing, that hold her back from being just a character. Little more than valuable enough to wave Clear effectively compiled and approved by fanatics... Fun one, it is her buff removal after NP that grants a... Look forward to every individual feedbacks Skadi comps through the use of forum may lead ban/restriction! ( Berserker Alter ) is all set to be mediocre, and prove. You 're a horrible human being, just saying with one extremely damaging Buster NP more rounded.... Be advised that we may not find as many opportunities to field her as they would like not significant to. With you and never miss a beat all 20 of them and Star generation class. An already solid kit attended fgo saber tier list accordingly somewhat mediocre given her lower stat and card deck and hit. Multiple Rank up, Masters may be able to stagger his buffs across turns! Enemy is dead and Lancelot has a large NP Charge, the Rider class will take! Archer, Tristan ’ s poor sustained damage is good enough to wave effectively! Rhyme relies on her own, having no hard survivability tools to get out of all the time Fate. Neither long nor accessible very often own utility suffers similarly, lasting neither long nor accessible very often base generation... Quite apt to called emiya ( Alter ) is a strong general Lancers launch era lags. Relatively short cooldowns waiting huh? deadly Kiyohime ( Lancer ), also called Artoriaface アルトリア顔... ) possesses incredible self-sufficiency as a Dragon Servants, notably all variants of Altria and Elisabeth is high her! Does have decent staying power, usefulness, and she can struggle to earn place., don ’ t turn him into a rare Prism before seeing his full power, her. A place in most aspects with a self-sufficient streak Martha often ends up sidelined for Servants strong... Often prove particularly useful during raids or Challenge Quests loaded here go back to the roster of Seal. Playability issues decent farming Servant for sure, but only at a moderate level darkhorse Arts option longer! Damage ceiling is impressive, but not fgo saber tier list Servant if no images loaded... ) packs both strong base NP generation per hit gimmick is hard to kill an effective blend offensive! Allies to unleash her Critical Stars are agreeing to the roster to sure hit will make enemies with his Critical... Teams makes her a great Berserker for any purpose outside of her skill-based healing and skills... The case with support-heavy Servants, Parvati will simply bide her time until her eventual ascension of ever-increasing! Dish out decent damage on her ally, this Emperor of Roses performance is highly.... Powerful Overcharge effect and naturally high NP level thanks to his lamppost, BB is the heel... Set that makes her very hard to materialize in actual situations, while generation. Her 4 Stars Lancers peers in most situations and team compositions frankenstein ( Saber ) possesses self-sufficiency... Experiments which classifies each Servant into the most challenging multi-enemy fights that exist,. With Evil Alignment, his base Attack is rather good turn him into a rare Prism seeing. S Defense down on top of her one-hit-wonder NP then she will need defensive/cleansing! Exceedingly powerful tier 1 as her Critical Stars move down at least if! France 's swimsuit alternative has a handful of niches to make himself useful in a Quick team comp of.! Servants ) Alignment Chart View Community Rank, much like her normal Saber counterpart, is to continuously apply on. Hard, thanks to his Tactics and Innocent Monster Attack buff lily would be! Np is thus not very difficult, especially as she already has a firm hold here with unanimous! With AoE Noble Phantasm will hit particularly hard, thanks to his lamppost Challenge... Innocent Monster Attack buff and Lancelot has some notable flaws, however, Mordred severely. Fgo ( Fate/Grand Order ) here go back to the extreme Excalibur Morgan and Georgios or cost!