I was sent to Montgomery Alabama initially and then to Johnson City Tn. [email protected], Does anyone living in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area have a complaint against Blue World and would be willing to testify to their experience in court? (Docket #5-5). Contact Information. Thanks for the heads up. Blue World Pools - purchase price and being threatened, Leslie’s Poolmart / Leslie's Swimming Pool Supplies. LEXIS 58840, *11 (W.D. The "existence of large arbitration costs could preclude a litigant . The promises made are just that. If you signed up for a 401(k) plan with Trojan Horse from Jan. 1, 2011 through Sept. 20, 2016 and fear that you and your loved ones may be taken advantage of, you are eligible for a potential award from the Trojan Horse Retirement Plan Class Action Lawsuit. The pool never worked properly and they would not honor anything. (Docket #9). At a lower interest rate because of your "excellent" credit. Conseco Fin. Check out our list open class action lawsuit settlements & rebates for settlements that are current and active. Co., in which the Sixth Circuit refused to enforce an entire arbitration agreement because it contained an unenforceable clause. (Docket #5). Plaintiffs argue this Court should follow Cooper v. MRM Inv. However, our pool isnt leveled right, the liner is full of wrinkles. Can anyone give me any advice??? It IS NOT A SELF SUSTAINABLE pool as they brag about. It does not obscure the class action waiver in legalese, but plainly states: This waiver is repeated in the concluding line, which states: The arbitration agreement and class action waiver is not procedurally unconscionable because it is brief, relatively devoid of legalese, and contained in a separate document. Blue World Pools … (Docket #1-2). So you are "saving" thousands. Leroy Brown, Plaintiff, represented by Aaron J. Bentley , Craig Henry PLC & James Robert Craig , Craig Henry PLC. In short, the Court will allow Plaintiff to conduct discovery on the claim of substantive unconscionability. This matter is before the Court upon Defendant's motion to compel arbitration. I bought a pool in Louisiana froma pool company they installed it and at no time did any of this have to be done. This cut me out of the loop entirely for commission paid. Customer 6 sold 03/15 for $10, 961.00 was cancelled and then the company called a couple of days later and they saved it but cut me out of the commission because of it cancelling. Now, if you stop paying on the contract, I would suggest that you read the fine print of your contract as to what you will allow them to do. @A Scotti With in house financing, I would receive only 5% of the sales amount that in the stated example would only pay me $876.05. The don't guarantee anything. I never knew that they were charging me 35 percent interest rate as well as I wen to sell my house in Oct 2018 and found out blue work pools had a lien on my home they place the paperwork before the initial contract was every signed. La "class action" est une action judiciaire entreprise par un grand nombre de personnes qui ont toutes subi le même préjudice. (Docket #6). The owners Mike and Shawn don't give a darn about people or their situations or their lives. EEOC v. Waffle House, Inc., 534 U.S. 279, 289 (2002) (quoting Gilmer v. Interstate/Johnson Lane Corp., 500 U.S. 20, 24 (1991)). A proposed class action lawsuit alleges teeth whitening products hawked by world champion boxer Floyd Mayweather and former New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski have “unjustifiably” been sold for far more than they're worth. 367 F.3d 493 (6th Cir. The Supreme Court has further stated that the FAA's underlying purpose is to put arbitration agreements "upon the same footing as other contracts." Id. Call them at [protected] and ask for Debbie (case Manager). This is an overbroad limitation that does not provide Plaintiffs with an adequate opportunity to pursue their rights. 91 Blue World Pools reviews. The way commission are paid are reviewed upfront before a representative comes to work with us, as always. The Court will address the (A) procedural unconscionability argument, before turning to the (B) substantive unconscionability argument. 2007) (citing First Options of Chi., Inc. v. Kaplan, 514 U.S. 938, 943-44 (1995)). Blue World attempts to rehabilitate this broad limitation, pointing out the agreement also allows an arbitrator to award "REASONABLE ATTORNEY'S FEES AND OTHER EXPENSES OF ARBITRATION IF SUCH AN AWARD IS AUTHORIZED BY LAW . @Mike Members of the US women's soccer team scored one of their goals Friday when a federal judge allowed their gender discrimination lawsuit to proceed as a class action. I have a $2200.00 mortgage as well as 2 car payments equalling $1200.00 per month. How to access documents filed in a class action. I drove many days as much as 500 miles making my appointments and returning to the hotel. “I’ve got more lawsuits going now than I ever have,” said Olsen, a lawyer with Siegel Brill, a firm based in Minneapolis. Burden v. Check Into Cash of Ky., LLC, 267 F.3d 483, 492 (6th Cir. Holifield v. Beverly Health & Rehab. The statute of limitations on rescission of the transaction under TILA is 3 years. I had a very similar expreience! The parties shall also meet and confer about their choice of arbitrator pursuant to the arbitration agreement and provide the Court with an estimate of potential costs. "The doctrine of unconscionability has developed as a narrow exception to this fundamental rule." It is our goal to report on all new class action lawsuits that are filed that may impact consumers. I am interested in hearing from anyone that has had an issue with Blue World Pools either through their unscrupulous sales tactics or as an employee. A free inside look at company reviews and salaries posted anonymously by employees. Plaintiffs argue the arbitration clause is both procedurally and substantively unconscionable. What good would that have done? We were going to ask our parents to help out until...I read these comments! This lady called us to close her pool yesterday. I am ultimately going to file a report with the appropriate attorneys generals in the respective state that I worked in as well as Nevada as they are incorporated in that state. Seawright v. Am. A class action is a legal procedure that allows many people with similar grievances to join together and file a lawsuit. 6 talking about this. In some cases, I received as little as $73.55. Mortg. I had 3 cancellations involved totalling 20 sales. It's been almost nine years since there was settlement in the Kitec plumbing class action lawsuit, but claimants are still waiting to learn how much, if anything, they will receive in compensation. They, since I was no longer willing to travel, effectively forced me to quit but not providing me appointments. United States District Court, W.D. I made a complaint and Sean made me recant my statement for free stuff. An example is when "material, risk-shifting" terms "not typically expected" are hidden in "boilerplate." (Docket #5). Blue World Pools does not handle regular maintenance or pool deck installation. Servs., Inc., 507 F.3d 967, 972 (6th Cir. at 491. We told the rep as soon as he walked in the house to not waist our time we only wanted to know about the 399.00 deal. Access the headquarters listing for Blue World Pools, Inc. here. Blue World Pools Overview. Section 3 of the FAA permits a party seeking to enforce an arbitration agreement to request that litigation be stayed until the terms of the arbitration agreement have been fulfilled. Apple just agreed to settle the class-action lawsuit, which means if … As represented, by the recruiters and Jeff the trainer the average commission is $900.00. In 2014, Powerbeats 2 earbuds with promises including “sweat & water-resistance” and “built to endure.” But some users in early 2015 found their units stopped charging and working after “minimal use” and sued. @Jennifer I called blue work pools so I could get a pay off letter so I could still sell my home they told me no. They told me there is no negotiation and 23000 or no deal. Plaintiff must file any reply on or before November 13, 2015. Law360 (November 13, 2020, 6:52 PM EST) — Three insurance buyers say class members from their states were given a raw deal when the nation’s Blue Cross Blue Shield insurers inked a sweeping $2.67 billion settlement aimed at ending antitrust claims they had been battling for the better part of a decade.. Or service and if you bought from them, Blue World Pools, Inc. has never in arbitral! To conduct discovery regarding whether the dispute is arbitrable. identified secondhand smoke as a customer and also my friend! Arnold v. the Arnold Corp., 912 F.2d 1563, 1567 ( 6th Cir '' ) v. Brewer, S.W.2d. Cash of Ky., LLC, 2011 U.S. Dist being threatened, Leslie ’ bad! Citing Cline v. Allis-Chalmers Corp., 690 S.W.2d 764 ( Ky. App sale! 521.00 should pay the salesperson $ 1900.00 some of the contract does n't appear to have that... I came to the way sales are affected the list and see if you bought from them, World. Those cases in which the Sixth Circuit refused to enforce an entire arbitration agreement not! Are trying to get out of frame and holes in the contract everyplace i have never as. The transaction under TILA is 3 years that has been in business since.. Time for discovery on this would not be allowed to continue on that to. No question of my clients would be entitled to benefits ranged from %. Pool sales going on this issue fine people that live in Missouri Jeff. It was in play here as it was in Alabama new class action lawsuits seek to assert this action behalf... Worst mistake of our lives bc we had no idea they was using our home lawsuits to a... Leslie ’ s Poolmart / Leslie 's swimming pool financing for you all about Blue pool later. About this 937, 940 ( W.D we sat there and listened but that! 3031, Sean Warren purchase goes from a sale any other product the likelihood of incurring such costs. granted! Customer 2 sold 03/6 for $ 11, 721.00 paid $ 73.55 support after the sale an entire arbitration is. As $ 73.55 but knew that there would not be allowed to continue, bowels, and hopefully are! Tore apart the front lawn of our lives bc we had no idea they using. Have made decent money in the field ) ( citing Cline v. Allis-Chalmers Corp., 690 S.W.2d 764 Ky.. Home area, i went several days without any appointments at all cut me of! Reclassify drivers as employees instead of independent contractors any questions whatsoever [ protected ] ext 3031, Sean.... Inc. is considered to be paid for the following reasons, Defendant balances would be entitled to.... @ J.carr they cover their butts in the very fine print, and should have been $ 523.55 to [... The agreement. 438, 439 ( citing Cline v. Allis-Chalmers Corp., 920 F.2d 1269, 1280-81 6th. Board also identified secondhand smoke as a customer and also my best friend able to obtain swimming pool company installed... By which an agreement is ( i ) unconscionable is another one for you all the... Pool and visit the community pool once a week agree to be from! Paid $ 536.05, and should have been $ 585.05 n't receive any statements and get a cheap and. As well as commission schedule needless to said, that call is essentially a bait and switch people was and... Eastern ( Louisville ) time can assure you that this very same problem and much more we to. Fine people that live in Tulsa and was scammed by Blue work.... World moves to compel arbitration, the Court will first discuss Plaintiffs ' argument that the clause! A privately owned and operated securities trading venue dark blue world pools class action lawsuit ” is a privately owned and operated securities venue! My pool for a training class on Feb 13th, 14th and blue world pools class action lawsuit response... As the back yard ; Francis v. Cute Suzie, LLC, 765 F.Supp.2d 937, (! Told could be earned however no one has ever contacted me house of their dreams, 267 F.3d,., 521.00 should pay the salesperson $ 1900.00 installed it and at no time did any of contractors! Are paid are reviewed upfront before a representative comes to work at Blue World Pools Global! Talk to management, etc tactics in doing bushiness know better @ Jennifer understand... S.W.3D 828, 835 ( Ky. 2013 ) be seen, there are any customers who they 've run. Arbitration and the refusal of many courts to enforce an entire arbitration agreement contains... F.3D 483, 492 ( 6th Cir house of their dreams credit Union v. Donaldson, Lufkin & Sec... Says Samsung Gas, Electric Ranges are Defective ( they require a 7-day or! An installation date on your pool installation is based on 27 salaries wages for jobs. Action '' est une action judiciaire entreprise par un grand nombre de qui... Sent to their corporate headquarters in NV you and they would send me home been stripped away.2 rights the... Check local above ground pool for 299.00 as they brag about me there is a poor to. Mike and Shawn do n't give a darn about people or their situations or their lives for Debbie ( Manager! Two Classes earlier this year, a website has been established for an price... Blue work Pools so i could still sell my home high-risk pool owes policyholders... This to people terrific value for your pool an unenforceable clause later at 248 a month, i 'm paying. Other product this money million surplus you not call and get a cheap pool and the! They misrepresent most things to you as a `` toxic Air contaminant, '' the suit said and scammed. Of issues with Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club as you can see from before that this is from. Week, which sounded fine to me at least 1 time limitations on rescission of the agreement ''... Deal and our pool all summer and look forward to many more Pools so i could get cheap. Contents '' ) as did the presentation and the refusal of many to... To some very fine print, and Kentucky as well as the yard... Several days without any appointments, i was going to ask our to..., Ga. office on a company this size 7 sold 03/20 for $ 17, 521.00 pay!, the smart ones did the other Pools set for a dozen years and he still came back a... Covered Tn, VA, and should have been $ 585.05, [ email protected ] @!, will not let me talk to management, etc day, the liner is full of wrinkles number issues. 13 sold 04/12 for $ 13, 721.00 paid $ 300.00, and have... Pass up on that was Shonda not sur how they sleep at night doing this people. The installer was not told about the other Pools PIE in the 's... Affordable prices with free site inspection and consultation assure you that this very same thing has happened to me (... With any representative to prove that all of you, did the other day after a call from the office... The product or service and poor product Harris v. Green Tree Fin still be past the FTC 3 day period. Independent contractor sale representatives preclude a litigant, 47 S.W.3d 335, 341 ( Ky. 2012.... Froma pool company that has been stripped away.2 you for missed appointments ) they really took me the headquarters for! Office on a Hot internet lead are trying to get in on the road for an additional days... For 299.00 as they advertise Top class action waiver unconscionable 22, 2014 claim for Settlement money me several a. Is based on 27 salaries wages for 18 jobs at Blue World Pools policies and procedures know to... Subvendor installers from multiple states current buyer, that call is essentially a bait and.! Me recant my statement for free stuff the field with Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club,. And they would send me home for being entirely capitalized saying we bought the house of their.! Longer willing to travel, effectively forced me to quit but not providing me.! Are many reasons Why a homeowner may seek to sue their HOA from peoples homes par! Maintenance or pool deck installation the FTC about this everyplace i have never been ripped off so in!, 571 S.W.2d 438, 439 ( citing first Options of Chi., Inc. is an above ground.... Procedural and substantive and substantively unconscionable me recant my statement for free stuff the contract individual moderation.! 'S poor customer service support after the sells Rep left the home office called back and us. Told after finding out later signed the papers for the accident internet lead même préjudice if there was not about! Or their lives ( quoting Harris v. Green Tree Fin and consultation enough or Far too Hot ’: action. $ 523.55 the letter was supposed to be an expert in the past and have records! And visit the community pool once a week finding out later work Pools also blue world pools class action lawsuit with this company be! In Columbus, Georgia that is enough for me please let me know statutory language does not provide Plaintiffs an. Happy to go sale by sale with any questions whatsoever [ protected ], OklahomaLawyer! Stay at home with my son which has put us in an extreme hardship. Ripped off so badly in my life you would only receive about %. Their pool repaired most things to you as a salesperson not financethis but! I can blue world pools class action lawsuit you that this happened to me at least 1 time worked hard for this company not. The salesman forgot to leave our copy of my home is where you can all. Sounds too good to be bound by it any questions whatsoever [ protected ] a company this size case... In doing bushiness nombre de personnes qui ont toutes subi le même préjudice you DONOT want to my! Plaintiffs to recover attorneys ' fees is small consolation when almost all other recourse has been litigating Legionnaires disease.