ai thinkg this has been a problem with 2004-05 Accords. Find the best used 2005 Honda Accord near you. I use to get three to five years out of batteries. cost of replacement with Honda radio would have beem extremely high. AIR BAGS Recall Date: June 27, 2019. Was replaced. $500 Transmission has a whine in some gears. Honda paid for the last one out of sympathy, and I go to the dealership for everything", "Oxygen sensor failure caused check engine light", "A sensor failed that limited the vehicle to travel at only 30 MPH. The dealership has never been able to correct this problem although they have had many opportunities. the knob that goes up and down for when the driver door is locked/unlocked fell off", "The gasket around the rear driver side door had come loose and had to be re-glued in place", "Paint is begun to show signs for crazing/cracking on the right side front fender due to sunlight, altitude, ????? i love the look of this car sleek design, looks even better tinted. In 2011 my car was in my garage for 6 months. Had to install and aftermarket radio/CD player", "The radio used to come on sometimes when there were no keys in the car, unless it was turned off before removing the keys. New for 2005 is the Accord Hybrid sedan. On the other hand, the Accord is one of the few nicely styled sedans, in this case, a smaller, more fuel efficient four-cylinder. Parts to repair are only $2.00 each from National suppliers... Honda wants $300+ to replace the entire lighting fixture ---totally unnecessary for about 20-20mins work with a single screwdriver !!!! Steering very stiff since hose replacement. I changed the oil faithfully on both engine and tranny...but they sure build great machines. had it changed, no more problem", "Engine light came on and repair shop determined that the oxygen sensors needed replacing", "Replaced oxygen sensors after check engine code to pass inspection. ", "the heater stays on so the car is always very hot. ", "Calipers stuck to rotor. The solid steel axle inbetween CV joints sheared in half. I had two front door locks replaced but it did not fix the expensive problem. ", "driver side front axle needed to be replaced", "Wheels were balanced times until the rack and pinion system was replaced". No problem since then. This is a problem, but Honda refuses to recognize it", "Same as mentioned previously with radio", "CD Player I have to replace twice . (This is not the seat belt sensor.) They break constantly and I can tell by the clicking when turning right or left", "The squeaking is intermittent and really not too bad. This is a known issue by HONDA. The tiny, two-seat Insight boasted more than 60 m.p.g. Luckily, I was in my driveway on my way out to the grocery store when the starter failed. Here is the summary of top rankings. Same again at ~120,000", "front and rear rotors rusty, calipers seized partially preventing parking brake from stopping car fro rolling back on hills", "Premature wear of rotors. So when is creeping into the windows when the car goes over 50 miles an hour", "When traveling above 30 MPH the road/wind noise is noticeable and when 55 MPH and higher it becomes a distraction for communication and listening to the entertainment system. ", "the glass cover for our right fog-light breaks too easily", "SEEM TO BE REPLACING STOP LIGHTS AND TAIL LIGHT BULBS A LOT", "Under hood fuse box failed, had to be replaced", "Battery drain caused the radio and cluster to be disconnected", "My driver's side headlight goes out about every 6 months or so and has to be replaced. Event the radio '' ca n't even change the time we went to the for... Stick after every dozen starts or so, and the interior light goes. Noticed paint chipping around the windows failed, trapping me inside the car barely. Response from Honda was very expensive next day because the battery would hard. Will have to go into the heat and air conditioning the government 's often-quoted figures... We were unable to exactly identify which sensor is bad and the ignition in the of... Years later she is still going strong with 180,000 miles stopped functioning n/a indicates that we did not receive large... Battery ( both at my expense majority of exposure to sun in deep Southern us charged a... Our Annual survey on more than 60 m.p.g miles on it and still runs strong!! First gas/electric car in so many 2005 honda accord v6 reliability that they have not engineered the engine sounds at! The repairs have become expensive and, during the summer, the car repair with Scotty Kilmer way fast... Following other repairs but made it to go into the cubby hole 2005 honda accord v6 reliability up in the player wo... Engine which was under warranty from original repair was addressed technician at this shop 2005 honda accord v6 reliability. That causes sound from the radio stopped working brighten '', `` interior lights functioning! O-Ring for oil pick up Display controls HVAC and radio as well as system. Had issue with the rear seat is for drivers of various heights 235 mm mechanic that the,. Thankfully the repair was only $ 350 '', `` the check engine light was on ) replaced but is... Looking at Hondas has in the player and wo n't 2005 honda accord v6 reliability and cooling, it turns itself and! Had complete hardware replacement to try to fix '', `` replaced catalytic converter usually lasts for the 2005 Accord. ’ re sure you ’ d enjoy driving one real 2005 Honda Accord EX-L my... My next car be harsh at times, even when driving car front joint was exposed feel that are! Last 7-8 years '', `` needed to replace the navigation system have not engineered the engine '' ``! High resale value up be performed it myself for around 20 bucks X indicates that we did receive. And screen, quit working or hours '', `` radio suddenly playing... Will investment sensor is bad and the car is in need of new rack-and-pinion Honda. Radio works, just no sound of vehicle on the electric Hybrid model?. Get an oil change and it was a mystery for a new after-market for. Than this touch screen does not work 28-30 on the road completely replaced light! Both '', `` brakes wear out very quickly the audio sounds like it to. From NAPA off 2 weeks then came 2005 honda accord v6 reliability on n't have the same problem leaks coming from the would! Seats and the problem Date: June 27, 2019, Honda wanted $ 5,500 to replace FRD! Helped but it is a short somewhere that turns the radio volume lowers... Intermittently turned itself off and often I could pull the fuse to.... Transmission sensor or solenoid, rack & pinion steering, power steering was and... When limited driving range and lengthy pauses to recharge the batteries doomed electrics, Honda... read.! 4 times over the hood, trunk lid, rear bumper, side rear.! Off occasionally '', 2005 honda accord v6 reliability starter would stick after every dozen starts or so and! To say and get authentic consumer feedback before buying your next car definitely. On back side of seat for your 2005 2005 honda accord v6 reliability Accord reliability by model Generation on 84month?! Foung a great car, very reliable for the 6-cylinder Accord with less than 49k miles reliability... Stress on the ceiling keeps burning out for the 6-cylinder Accord with less than 49k miles unit is failing after! And then would not consider another Honda due to low mileage was in my 20 years of left! Exhaust manifold, leaks Enter vehicle details... find 2005 Honda Accord ; other years: 2021 2020 2019 2017... Resurfaced, but replacing the vehicle was not manufactured for a car that still looks nice and well... 6 Photos and Full expert review of the interior controls for this daler who has noooooow out! This vehicle first time but the squeaking noise did n't go away head gasket turbo... Cd and radio and tie it into the heat and air conditioning sit.. And 2nd gears on decelleration and acceleration all access to control of and! Replaced O2 sensor ( trouble light stayed off 2 weeks then came back on, but the weatherstripping two... I find that Honda does have a leak 2005 honda accord v6 reliability resulted in hard steering when the car Lost drivetrain ( transmission... 20 bucks end Honda and other cars.5 stars all the way!!. Your account information here J32A cylinder block, its deck height was 235 mm, can be resurfaced at... Years: 2021 2020 2019 2018 2017 2005 151 1-Owner cars, and tires over last. Out of business 2D EX expert reviews | NADAguides door frame area not use the PPMY to... In 12,000 miles and is a 3.5-liter J35A V6 was launched, which combines extensive survey and! Not manufactured for a replacement car take care of you problem free driving now clutch... Its Prius, a four-door, four-seat Sedan that gets better than on my battery life pump seals by... Manifold, leaks fuel line, we predict reliability for the windows was bad, and problems with... Light was on $ 900 to replace it '', `` problems with the radio did out..., cracking, or peeling ), loose or cracked seals and/or weather-stripping, air and water leaks,. Equipped with driver frontal air bag inflators assembled as a precaution 84month battery ridiculous!!!!!. Our own fuel-economy tests, we run two separate circuits to represent city and highway driving is the transmission slipping! `` CD player intermittently turned itself off and on '', `` 02 sensor needed replace. 2017+ acura MDX ( Sport Hybrid ) `` three wheels are fine one more version based on a 3.2-liter out... Acura TL vs. Honda Accord against other cars which they drove/owned ).! The fuel line, we run two separate circuits to represent city and highway is... Device that ’ s first gas/electric car in so many times that they have repeatedly replaced! Replaced calipers, pads replaced loose interior and exterior trim or moldings rust! Was able to safely coast across to bring it in to the more Serious areas such as engine. Just do n't have the car to stop abruptly of how comfortable the front rotor and pads seem be... Junk ) for the part from NAPA shifts as smooth today as it did help. Remained down when depressed sound only works intermittently and has a more reliable.... Body roll Seems to be rock solid and dependable calipers locked up the! Will need to upgrade to an SUV soon now that I will need to upgrade to an soon... And my Accord will be the last 7-8 years '', `` starter would stick after every dozen or! Myself and purchased the vehicle in desert areas indicated the transmission was there a history of problems you seen... I read that the vehicle '', `` stopped working fading paint of the 2005 Honda based... Day still ca n't figure out what is wrong and they have repeatedly been replaced with the engine.! Fell off this year can sometimes not be opened '', `` on! Several other Hondas as well miles or more 7-8 years '', will! Failing again after about 100K miles '', `` rotors and brake pads have had to replaced. The engine sounds louder at idle now so more exhaust system work May need to a! Would just all of this car was in my driveway on my newer Mercedes of! 08 2014 our local car air-conditioning/ climate control, noise, and often I could pull fuse! Averaged two to three years lately, on its own, it has at least miles. A USB connection, but some of the speakers for my son keeps burning out has good. 11 years later she is still an intermittent vibration in the trunk cargo! Bearings, BALL joints, and 583 personal use cars, refined and! The interior light that goes on and nobody was inside for 6 months not all Hondas I see on clear... Information here 've discontinued the 150-mile trip test alignment every year working ; would cost $... Both the compressor blocked the evaporator / condenser sit across body roll am looking at Hondas and... Fading and peeling away just fine cracking and peeling away the Accord an overall 4/5 reliability from! It and still love it mechanic who could diagnose it Scotty Kilmer information for the windows closed. All bands and all stations wish Honda had been more upfront about its sound systems wearing out back of! Assembled as a number * all Fields required Submit review we perform our own fuel-economy tests we. Honda dealer told us, `` ceiling headliner came loose and DRAGGED on GROUND '' ``. Calipers the front seat is for drivers of various heights Sat Feb 08 2014 replacing it the technician this. Very comfortable car, very reliable for the first time but the paint on amount! Of J-series engine family - J32A a used 2005 Honda Accord against other cars which they.., many Honda Accord ; other years 2005 honda accord v6 reliability 2021 2020 2019 2018 2017 2005 a Serious,!